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St. Rita’s is a free medical clinic where Dr. Kevin Maloney see patients for no charge. No patient is ever charged a fee and no questions are asked.  The clinic is run entirely by volunteers who receive no compensation. Everyone in need of medical attention is urged to come to St. Rita’s for their care. Dr. Maloney hosts a magnificent Christmas Party each year where he gives out new toys to thousands of needy children. All of this can only be accomplished through community support. If you would like to donate money or new toys, please drop them off or send them to Dr. Maloney’s office.  We produce several videos to make the community aware of St. Rita’s mission and they may be viewed by clicking on the following links.

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St Rita's Health Clinic 'Community Appreciation' October 21, 2016
St Rita's Health Clinic Holiday Party Toy Drive 12/16/16
St Rita's Health Clinic 'A Glimpse at SRFMC'
St Rita's Health Clinic Toy Drive October 15, 2016
St Rita's Health Clinic 'Volunteers Discuss SRFMC'
Volunteers and Patients Discuss St Rita's Health Clinic 4-8-16
St Rita's Clinic 2016 - Episode 7
St Rita's Clinic - North Pole 2014
St Rita's Clinic - #1 Interview with Ang Lee
St Rita's Clinic Health Clinic 10-31-16
Free Medical Care
St Rita's Free Medical Clinic

Everyone from birth to 100 is cared for; no one is ever turned away.

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@St. John's Lutheran Church 122 Fenimore Rd, Mamaroneck, NY


Registration Fridays 6:30 PM

Call 570 460-4291 for more info