Dr Kevin Maloney Board Certified Family Practioner Mamaroneck, NY


NANCY  (Anne) FANELLI is Co-Director and has been volunteering at St. Rita’s almost since its inception.  She devotes all of her free time,  giving up her nights and weekends, to ensure that St. Rita’s day-to-day operations run smoothly. Her efforts include, among others,  fund-raising and coordinating the toy drive for the Christmas Party. She is also St. Rita’s “Roving Reporter,” producing, filming, and  assembling volunteers to appear in the videos which are shown on LMC-TV to educate the community about St. Rita’s programs and events.

DOLORES CONFORTI is a Registered Nurse and retired school nurse who is responsible for administering vaccines and overseeing the vaccine program. She has been a devoted volunteer at St. Rita’s for many years.

DEBBIE DUMOUZA has been with St. Rita’s for many years and is responsible for the vaccine program. She is a teacher who devotes her time to the clinic unfailingly and has appeared in many of St. Rita’s videos.

SAMIR KATEN’S commitment to St. Rita’s involves managing the overall function of the clinic. He ensures that all patients are properly registered, see the doctor and have their tests and vaccines in a timely manner. He frequently appears in the videos.

ILEANA DUNN has been with St. Rita’s from the very beginning and her bilingual skills are an asset and crucial to communication with many of our patients.

ANNA LAMAGNA is a Registered Nurse and retired school nurse and long-time clinic volunteer who is also responsible for administering vaccines.

ALISON FRICKE, BARBARA IMPERIOLI, AND BERNADETTE LIBRETTA are all registered nurses who assist with the vaccine program.

JASMIN KUNST is a Registered Nurse and long-time volunteer who oversees the phlebotomy program at St. Rita’s.

GERRI-ANN VEDOVINO is a trained medical assistant and volunteer for many years as a phlebotomist.

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