Dr Kevin Maloney Board Certified Family Practioner Mamaroneck, NY


Dr Kevin Maloney, Founder and Attending Physician is a board certified Family Medicine specialist who has a private practice in Mamaroneck, NY. Dr Maloney founded St Rita’s in 1991 to serve the uninsured or underinsured (those who can not afford medical care) and he sees patients every Friday evening at St John’s Church in Mamaroneck as a service to his community.  Dr Maloney credits his volunteers and not himself for the majority of good works done through St Rita’s Free Medical Clinic.

NANCY  (Anne) FANELLI,  Co-Director St Ritas Free Medical Clinic, Mamaroneck  has been volunteering at St. Rita’s almost since its inception.  She devotes much of her free time to ensure that St. Rita’s day-to-day operations run smoothly. Her efforts include, among others,  fund-raising and coordinating the toy drive for the annual Christmas Party held outside of Dr Maloney’s office when toys are distributed to hundreds, some years, thousands of children through the generosity of the residents of Westchester County. She is also St. Rita’s “Roving Reporter,” producing, filming, and  assembling volunteers to appear in the videos which are shown on LMC-TV to educate the community about St. Rita’s programs and events. Everyone knows Nancy from Dr Maloney’s private practice and knows how dedicated she is in ensuring that all of Dr Maoney’s patients receive the utmost care and especially followup both at the clinic and the office. Nancy’s bark may be loud at times but all know that Nancy has a heart of gold and is ALWAYS available to help with all the needs of all of Dr Maloney’s practice, St Ritas and the annual Christmas Party, 24/7. Her contributions to St Ritas Free Medical Clinic are too long to list and the clinic could not function without Nancy Fanelli, Westchester native and the mother of two wonderful children to her credit. Nancy has become somewhat of a fixture in Mamaroneck and deserves much praise for all she does for our community.

SAMIR KATEN, Co-Director St Ritas Free Medical Clinic, Mamaroneck has been a steadfast volunteer at St Rita’s for many years and has been instrumental in spreading the word throughout Westchester to all in need of where they can go to receive Free Medical Care. Samir’s commitment to St. Rita’s involves managing the overall function of the clinic.Samir is the first person to arrive at the clinic every week and the last to leave. He ensures that all patients are properly registered to see the doctor and have their tests and vaccines administered in a timely manner. He sets up all medical equipment, tables, chairs, privacy screens…every single week as St Rita’s is like a Mash Unit and Samir puts everything away after all patients are seen.  He and St Rita’s Co-Director, Nancy Fanelli produce St Rita’s TV show on local cable TV to inform the public of St Rita;s services. Samir also collects and transports many of the toys collected by local businesses, schools and organizations throughout the Community of Westchester, all year long and especially every December for St Rita’s Annual Christmas Party. Samir, a man who immigrated here from Syria and has worked hard all his life raising and educating a family could be enjoying his free time now that he has retired from his job on Walk Street but instead Samir has chosen to devote the majority of his time to helping those less fortunate than himself now. He is to be highly commended for the amount of work and good he does for the community where he lives. Samir truly contributes to society and he is an example to be noted these days with all the controversial talks about immigrants to the United States of how important it is to recognize the contribution of immigrants such as Samir and many others who have made the United States the great country it is today.

DEBBIE DUMOUZA, Vaccine Coordinator St Ritas Free Medical Clinic, Mamaroneck has also been with St. Rita’s for many years and is responsible for ensuring that St Rita;s vaccine program runs efficiently and smoothly.   She is a teacher who devotes her time to the clinic unfailingly and has appeared in many of St. Rita’s videos. Debbie’s work ensures that every single child seen at Saint Rita’s free medical clinic receives all necessary vaccines to attend school. Without Debbie’s presence at the clinic every single week, without exception, many children would be unable to attend school. Her  work does not just end at the clinic where she attends to every single child seen for a vaccine and assists Dr. Maloney while he administers the vaccinations, Debbie also goes home to post every vaccination given on the New York State vaccine profile for children, in addition to checking inventory regularly and painstakingly placing orders with the state who generously provides vaccines for children in need. Debbie is also on hand every week to help with whatever comes up..She is a well respected teacher at the French American School of New York, and a wife and mother of two who devotes her every Friday evening to helping those in need, after putting in a long work week. Debbie, too, is also an immigrant from London England who also serves as an example of why immigration should be looked at in a positive light today more-so and more concentration be given to the fact that we are all immigrants or from families that immigrated to the United States which is a young country. More light has to be shed upon the contributions that immigrants like Debbie and Samir have made to make this country great and to have contributed to organizations such as Saint Rita’s to be a shining example of what America stands for; always helping those in need.



Our website is under construction and more volunteers will be added daily. Please note that Saint Rita’s is a nonpartisan organization that does believe in obeying the law. In terms of immigration we do believe that immigration to any country should be done legally but we find it hard not to point out here, again with all that we are hearing on the news today, the contributions made to Saint Ritas free medical clinic by these two first generation immigrants mentioned here.  Our other volunteer profiles will be expanded and added so keep posted









GERRI-ANN VEDOVINO is a trained medical assistant and volunteer for many years as a phlebotomist.

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